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The Flat Issue

Posted on 9 March, 2018 at 17:50 Comments comments ()

Meeting beautiful Russian brides at free dating sites, men can’t help asking themselves: what’s wrong with Russian men? Why are Russian women avoiding them and looking for marriage abroad?

However, sometimes it’s not the matter of Russian men. Very often Russian single girls are escaping traditional Russian pace of living, that clashes with their modern realities. The so-called “Flat Issue” has been a major problem in Russia for more than 100 years. It’s about shortage of flats, or inability of a young family to afford buying it. As a result, young couples live together with their parents, even after they have children.

A lot of Russian and Soviet movies are devoted to the Flat Issue. Loads of couples split up just because two families couldn’t coexist in small apartment. A beautiful Russian lady had to do the household chores, work, study, bring up children and be nice to her in-laws. Not every woman could bear it.

On the one hand, living together with in-laws was a common thing in Russia for many centuries. Typical timber wood houses in villages were 2-stored, huge and sparse, so there was enough space for everybody. On the other hand, a lot of time has passed. Russian single women have become more independent and now they are not always ready to live with their in-laws. What is more, huge houses in villages have been changed by small apartments in towns.

So when Russian single brides go to free Russian dating agencies in search of a foreign prince, as a rule, they are looking for an independent man, who is ready to create a happy family, whose happiness won’t depend on his in-laws. There are a lot of wonderful people among Russian men, but the majority of them is influenced by the old traditions of Russian society and suffers from the Flat Issue. That’s why a Russian lady is looking for a marriage abroad

Beautiful Russian women - exploding the myth

Posted on 17 December, 2017 at 14:00 Comments comments ()

What is the explanation to beautiful Russian brides leaving their motherland to get married with men from other countries? The majority of people (especially western women) think that Russian girls act for mercenary ends. Beautiful Russian women are believed to be looking for wealth and materialistic wellbeing, the situation when they could just to sit at home and be provided for by a newly-made husband.

This stereotype makes confusion for both men and women. On the one hand, men don’t want to be just a means for a carefree life. And that’s fair. Also, every man understands that life is not always a picnic. Today’s joy can change for tomorrow’s sorrow. So if his beautiful Russian lady is looking just for easy life, there’s a chance for him to be left when things get worse.

On the other hand, Russian ladies are often treated like housemaids by their foreign husbands, which is painful for any wife. It’s also clear Russian girls don’t want to be just a beautiful decoration of a house.

You may ask, then what is the true image of a Russian woman who is looking for a spouse abroad? Currently, free Russian dating agencies give service to women who are well set off, they have a prestigious job, a higher education, sometimes even two or three degrees. These women have their own apartment, a country house and a car in property, they travel a lot. There’s just one thing they’re lacking. It’s a good match. Some of them run their business, so they are aware that life can’t be always easy.

Anyway, both men and women should speak more, correspond more and date more, otherwise how can they know about the wishes of each other? Fortunately, world wide web, telephone service, loads of free dating sites make it all possible in our global world. Also, it’s vital to hear and understand each other. So when you meet your ideal Russian woman for marriage, make sure your vision of a happy family and your wishes coincide.

What makes Russian women to be wise and beautiful

Posted on 17 December, 2017 at 13:55 Comments comments ()

They say that our character is molded during the first years of our life. At this life period everything matters: people around, the environment, events that happen in kid’s life and of course, the information a child receives. Fairy tales have a strong influence on people’s psyche; these are unbelievable stories about challenges, courage, luck and final reward.

You may be puzzled, why Russian ladies are so perfectly beautiful, so faultless? The answer is to be searched in the keynote of a Russian fairy-tale. Ivan the Fool lies on a Russian stove and does nothing till he is 33. Then he suddenly sets out for a dangerous journey full of challenges and threats, looking for Happiness.

In the beginning of the journey he stays at the crossroads with the signs: If you go to the left, you’ll find death. If you go to the right, you’ll find a horse. If you go straight, you’ll find a wife.

In many Russian tales Ivan the Fool chooses the way leading to wife, though this action was supposed to be foolish. Anybody in his shoes would have chosen a horse, which could be helpful during the dangerous journey.

However, in the end Ivan finds a beautiful Russian woman for marriage, her name is Helen the Beautiful or Helen the Wise. It doesn’t mean though that Russian girls are either Beautiful or Wise! As a rule, they mix beauty and wisdom. As for Ivan, after getting married with Helen, he is no longer Ivan the Fool, but he becomes Prince Ivan.

Actually, there’s nothing surprising in desire of beautiful Russian girls to be perfect. They know that a woman must be wise and beautiful, like Helen from the fairy-tale, and then men will cope with challenges and dangers to marry her. (Or in your case look through all the free Russian dating sites available in search of her). Russian women also understand, that with the right attitude, the most desperate man will become the prince. That’s why beautiful Russian ladies do their best for their men to believe in themselves and get the happiness they have been looking for.

Some facts you should know to understand the psyche of your Beautiful Russian Lady

Posted on 17 December, 2017 at 13:50 Comments comments ()

Dating Russian brides will become a much more pleasant and exciting process if you learn some facts about Russia and Russian way of thinking.

Let’s start with the main holiday of Russian people. It’s common knowledge that the New Year is celebrated mostly at home, with Olivier salad and tangerines. It’s amazing, but Russian people celebrate the New Year twice! On the 31 of December they meet the New Year, and on the 13 of January they say farewell to the “Old New Year”. So it’s one more occasion to use Russian mail order service for brides and give something to your beloved woman! Or just give her a call and wish all the troubles to be left in the Old Year.

Another fact concerning the different way of thinking shows Russian special thrill about books. Russian people say: “Book is the best gift”. Perhaps you have noticed that in Western Europe and America book spines are printed top-down, because it’s easy to read it when the book is in the pile. In Russia book spines are printed bottom-up, because it’s easier to read it when the book is on a shelf. A bookshelf with books is an integral part of home. So if you don’t know what present to give to your beautiful Russian woman, you can think of giving her a book.

If you have already picked of all Russian brides the one for marriage, if you have prepared the wedding ring and a rose bouquet, please remember that Russian people buy the even number of flowers only for funeral. So, if you don’t want to be misunderstood by your beautiful Russian bride, please count the flowers in a bouquet.

Hopefully, these facts will give you the idea of how complex and amazing Russian psyche is. Anyway, Russian generosity is also a well-known fact, so don’t be afraid to do something wrong. She will understand.

Western women and Russian ladies - the difference in life goal

Posted on 16 December, 2017 at 20:15 Comments comments ()

Recently a Beautiful Russian Lady has become the brand, luring men to enigmatic cold Russia in search of a girl for marriage. A skeptical man could say that it’s impossible for all Russian girls to be beautiful, decent, devoted and honest. That’s true. However, every nation has an ideal image, a pattern to follow, which people strive to correspond to.

In the west women are obsessed with the American dream, which is making them ambitious, hard-working, purposeful and strong. Women want to climb the ladder or achieve success in their own business.

Beautiful Russian women are not better or worse than western ladies, they are just different. Andreas, a friend of mine, once came from Germany to Russia to see me. He was very surprised to see that 90 per cent of women wear skirts and high heels in the street. Indeed, a dress and high heels is a standard set for a Russian woman. The second thing he noted was the enormous amount of playgrounds for children here and there. “In Germany women don’t want children anymore”, he said.

Russian single ladies dream of house and home, of family happiness, where every morning sweethearts will be awaken by children’s laughter. They can be successful in business and be well set off, but if they don’t have a happy family, they don’t think they have succeeded in life. Nowadays there are a lot of free Russian dating sites where it’s possible to meet and date ladies from Russia, and finally, some day find the one - your beautiful Russian woman.

In love with a beautiful Russian lady

Posted on 16 December, 2017 at 19:45 Comments comments ()

Some people say love is a disease of mind, others consider it to be the gift of heaven. Anyway, not many people know how to behave when you’re already in love. Especially, when your beloved lives far away and you have never seen her in real life.

Of course, every story is unique, but allow me to imagine how it was in your case… You had heard a lot about Russian girls for marriage before finding some Russian dating site and making sure how stunningly beautiful Russian single brides are. Perhaps, you chatted with several women and found them charming. But then you met HER. From all single Russian women she seemed by far the prettiest, the smartest, the kindest… To cut a long story short, now you’re in love. You’re desperately, head over heels in love with this woman. And it seems, you’re not the only man who is attracted to this single Russian bride! So now you don’t know what to do…

Here are some tips which can be helpful. To start with, just relax! If you want her to fall for you, you should make her feel you’re a confident and self-sufficient man, and that you don’t depend on her emotionally. This means no hysteric letters, no phone calls ten times a day and no rush.

Secondly, start acting! Use Russian mail order for brides service, which is provided on most of dating sites. You can give her some small thing as a present for her birthday, or some other holiday, or just send her a flower without any reason! This will make her feel special and she’ll think you’re the most gallant man she has ever met!

Finally, ask her for a date and come to her home town. What can be more beautiful and romantic than a real life meeting after virtual communication? Moreover, a real life date will dot the I’s and cross the T’s, and you both will realize what exactly you feel towards each other. And if you’re really meant to be together – you both will feel it. So forget all doubts and act, and she’ll know you’re the man of action, and that you’re ready to climb mountains and cross seas just to see her smile. And she won’t be able to resist.

The key to hearts of beautiful Russian ladies

Posted on 16 December, 2017 at 19:40 Comments comments ()

A plain girl Assol was sitting at the seashore, sun rays streaming through clouds. She was watching the sea. “Some day a ship with crimson sails will appear on the horizon and a beautiful prince will land and take me away from here” – she thought.

All Russian girls have read and reread this romantic story by Alexander Grin many times. Every Russian single lady would give anything to be in Assol’s shoes, because finally Grey appears, falls in love and fulfills Assol’s dream. Beautiful Russian brides believe that if they have a dream of a lifetime and if they are committed to it, it will come true. And some handsome man with crimson sails will come and carry her away. In fact, beautiful Russian women are expecting their beloved to give them a Fairy Tail.

There’s another example. The movie “Pretty Woman” is one of the most popular and famous films in Russia. You may remember that in the end Edward leaves and asks Vivian to follow him and live with him, but Vivian refuses, explaining that she needs a fairy-tail.

So, if you long to win the heart of any of beautiful Russian girls, you know the right direction. If we remember “Pretty Woman”, Edward bought a bouquet of flowers and called his beloved Princess Vivian. And it worked! So next time you go dating Russian women, just be a gentleman, conquer her with your gallantry and attention, and she’ll know for sure: you are the one!

What kind of woman does a man dream of?

Posted on 16 December, 2017 at 19:35 Comments comments ()

There’s no answer to this question. It’s common knowledge that there is no universal formula, every man has his own preferences and needs when choosing a life partner.

Some men are looking for a domesticated and house proud woman, who’ll enjoy making pancakes and cooking beet root soup for him, doing the household chores and bringing up children. Some will say they dream of a Muse, a woman to inspire and support them, with a soul of an angel and looks of Angelina Jolie. I bet that a strong and adventurous man is dreaming of a woman who is very much alike, just to match him. So many men, so many minds.

However, there is a set of qualities that almost every man would like to see in his spouse. These are honesty, devotedness, respect, patience and commitment to husband. These are qualities peculiar to most of Beautiful Russian brides, since they were molded during centuries of Russian history. Partly, thanks to The Domostroy (translated as “Building home” book.

The Domostroy book, written in the XV century, called Russian women to respect and love their husbands, be devoted and patient to them. The book was approved by the Russian Church, and it had a great influence on the morals of Russia till the very XX century. Time passed, the Domostroy was rejected, and it’s amazing that all the qualities of an ideal Russian woman for marriage have remained without changes in Russian modern mentality.

So if you’re looking for a healthy and long-lasting alliance, and if you’re brave enough for a love affair with a foreign woman, you can meet Russian single ladies on free dating sites, Russian brides sites, or just go directly to Russia, in search of your beautiful Russian lady. Good luck!