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The key to hearts of beautiful Russian ladies

Posted on 16 December, 2017 at 19:40 Comments comments (1432)

A plain girl Assol was sitting at the seashore, sun rays streaming through clouds. She was watching the sea. “Some day a ship with crimson sails will appear on the horizon and a beautiful prince will land and take me away from here” – she thought.

All Russian girls have read and reread this romantic story by Alexander Grin many times. Every Russian single lady would give anything to be in Assol’s shoes, because finally Grey appears, falls in love and fulfills Assol’s dream. Beautiful Russian brides believe that if they have a dream of a lifetime and if they are committed to it, it will come true. And some handsome man with crimson sails will come and carry her away. In fact, beautiful Russian women are expecting their beloved to give them a Fairy Tail.

There’s another example. The movie “Pretty Woman” is one of the most popular and famous films in Russia. You may remember that in the end Edward leaves and asks Vivian to follow him and live with him, but Vivian refuses, explaining that she needs a fairy-tail.

So, if you long to win the heart of any of beautiful Russian girls, you know the right direction. If we remember “Pretty Woman”, Edward bought a bouquet of flowers and called his beloved Princess Vivian. And it worked! So next time you go dating Russian women, just be a gentleman, conquer her with your gallantry and attention, and she’ll know for sure: you are the one!