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Western women and Russian ladies - the difference in life goal

Posted on 16 December, 2017 at 20:15 Comments comments (1906)

Recently a Beautiful Russian Lady has become the brand, luring men to enigmatic cold Russia in search of a girl for marriage. A skeptical man could say that it’s impossible for all Russian girls to be beautiful, decent, devoted and honest. That’s true. However, every nation has an ideal image, a pattern to follow, which people strive to correspond to.

In the west women are obsessed with the American dream, which is making them ambitious, hard-working, purposeful and strong. Women want to climb the ladder or achieve success in their own business.

Beautiful Russian women are not better or worse than western ladies, they are just different. Andreas, a friend of mine, once came from Germany to Russia to see me. He was very surprised to see that 90 per cent of women wear skirts and high heels in the street. Indeed, a dress and high heels is a standard set for a Russian woman. The second thing he noted was the enormous amount of playgrounds for children here and there. “In Germany women don’t want children anymore”, he said.

Russian single ladies dream of house and home, of family happiness, where every morning sweethearts will be awaken by children’s laughter. They can be successful in business and be well set off, but if they don’t have a happy family, they don’t think they have succeeded in life. Nowadays there are a lot of free Russian dating sites where it’s possible to meet and date ladies from Russia, and finally, some day find the one - your beautiful Russian woman.