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What makes Russian women to be wise and beautiful

Posted on 17 December, 2017 at 13:55

They say that our character is molded during the first years of our life. At this life period everything matters: people around, the environment, events that happen in kid’s life and of course, the information a child receives. Fairy tales have a strong influence on people’s psyche; these are unbelievable stories about challenges, courage, luck and final reward.

You may be puzzled, why Russian ladies are so perfectly beautiful, so faultless? The answer is to be searched in the keynote of a Russian fairy-tale. Ivan the Fool lies on a Russian stove and does nothing till he is 33. Then he suddenly sets out for a dangerous journey full of challenges and threats, looking for Happiness.

In the beginning of the journey he stays at the crossroads with the signs: If you go to the left, you’ll find death. If you go to the right, you’ll find a horse. If you go straight, you’ll find a wife.

In many Russian tales Ivan the Fool chooses the way leading to wife, though this action was supposed to be foolish. Anybody in his shoes would have chosen a horse, which could be helpful during the dangerous journey.

However, in the end Ivan finds a beautiful Russian woman for marriage, her name is Helen the Beautiful or Helen the Wise. It doesn’t mean though that Russian girls are either Beautiful or Wise! As a rule, they mix beauty and wisdom. As for Ivan, after getting married with Helen, he is no longer Ivan the Fool, but he becomes Prince Ivan.

Actually, there’s nothing surprising in desire of beautiful Russian girls to be perfect. They know that a woman must be wise and beautiful, like Helen from the fairy-tale, and then men will cope with challenges and dangers to marry her. (Or in your case look through all the free Russian dating sites available in search of her). Russian women also understand, that with the right attitude, the most desperate man will become the prince. That’s why beautiful Russian ladies do their best for their men to believe in themselves and get the happiness they have been looking for.

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