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VINTAGE Matchmaking

Meet Russian and Ukrainian girls in the UK, Europe and States

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Dating Girls Russia Ukraine

Dating Girls From Russia and Ukraine

Dating with beautiful women from Russia and Ukraine can be great adventure for you and a surefire way to you happiness.

Russian and Ukrainian women are famous for their looks – it’s deep in the culture of Russian and Ukrainian women to take pride in their appearance. Whether its dresses, jewellery, make up, there is a desire to look their best at all times. But behind of all this ‘Russian kitsch’ you will find a normal desire to find a partner for life and also be feminine and gorgeous.

Russian and Ukrainian women have high moral values, are good and caring mothers and want to build strong happy families.

These Russian and Ukrainian ladies have good levels of professional education and a commitment to learn the language, to enable them to quickly integrate into their new country.

Why do Russian women want to meet foreign men?

The clients of international matchmaking agency often ask the same question – why do beautiful and successful Russian or Ukrainian women want to meet foreign men? Why are the ready to leave their own country to start new life abroad?

Every woman will have their own personal reasons but In Russia today there are 15% more women than men. Male life expectancy in Russia is drastically lower than female - 57 years compared with 75 years.

This means there is a demographic disadvantage for these women. Younger women may not be so affected but as they get older the chances of finding a life partner become harder and harder.

There are also cultural reasons in that Russia is still a very patriarchal society, many of our women want a partner to share all aspects of their life, including the raising of families. That's why so many of our Russian and Ukrainian women appreciate the mentality of Western European men and therefore, want to start new relationships abroad.